Double DJ   

Ernie Maiorana
1960 to 1920
and earlier !

"A genuine crowd-please for the Golden Era.. keeps you hopping!"

"...Incredible depth of music selections from original artists.."

Introducing Double DJ !

For Kids, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents ...
For Hipsters, Hopsters and Top10 Lovers...

Complete musical satisfaction
All the music there is and ever was in one complete package.

This unique show features two Disc Jockey's combined in one musical package. Expertise for the last fifty years of music is expected in a professional service.
BUT - imagine if we could bring that up to ninety years !

The chemistry in this one of a kind service in London will leave your guests smling from ear to ear - knowing that the family members they love and cherish have all been completely satisfied.

Why not combine a Birthday party for your 40th or 50th with your Mom/Dad's 70th or 80th?

Or combine a Birthday with a Special Anniversary?

Why not make a retirement party the best it can be for everyone who attends?

Spice up your wedding for older family members with a unique playlist during dinner and early evening?

And of course..
Entertainment By Design's usual attention to detail means volume levels will be comfortable,
children will feel welcome making requests
and personalized celebratory announcements will be
co-ordinated as specified by you.

Walter Hohman
1960 to 2011
and beyond !

"Expert mixing of classic hits and tasteful new tracks for ALL ages.."

"Attention to detail for a completely entertaining experience..."

Add the Double D to your regular DJ booking today!
Hourly rate: just $75.00