Basic Light Pack
London's smallest effective light show. Big enough to throw light around the whole room, these simple multi-coloured lights build a party atmosphere to get people on the dance floor!
Plus! Our continous duty lights have multiple bulbs for zero breakdowns. Increasingly popular for all sorts of parties.

This package easily mounts onto our speaker stack, occupying zero extra floor space. It doesn't get any simpler!
Above: Shown closeup on top of our speakers. With no stand and no controller to speak of, your costs for big enjoyment stay low.

All lights are good for close-range dance floors or surprisingly larger rooms. Effective with or without fog. Compact size.
Above: Each light has it's own microphone built-in to pickup the exact tempo of the music being played. Big coverage too!
Shown at indoor venue. Multi-colours projected onto ceiling.
(Birthday Party, St.Thomas, ON)
Shown at outdoor tent venue.
(Wedding, London, ON)