Gobo Service   

Premium Quality
Our professional grade light cannons
are the best in the city !

Balcony View
Projected from balcony above.
Shows size with tables and dance floor

Close View

Zoomed in view.
Crisp edges, bright image.

Monogram Projections!

Project your initials
as a centerpiece for the decor of your event.

What is a gobo?

A gobo (or GOBO) is named for "Go Between" or "Goes Before Optics". It is a physical plate like a stencil slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of the light beam.

Our crisp clean-edged laser cut steel gobo's will impress as soon as you see them. Give us a couple weeks lead time to look at your venue, size the lense and spec cables and stands to make it perfect.

Choose your lettering and styles on-line through our gobo catalogue for maximum convenience. iVenue handles the rest of your gobo service after you pick your design.

We have access to numerous focal length lenses to size the image to your venue perfectly.

And of course..
iVenue is sistered with the years of experience at Entertainment By Design. This passionate attention to detail means installation will be thoughtful,
complimenting your total decor as best as possible,
with perfect image quality.

Dance Floor Projections

15 foot and 12 foot heights.
No balcony required!

Metal gobo "stencil".
Laser cut steel gobo.
Various designs available!
Catalogue link available by email

mounted fixtures.

High power for best image.
Various lenses for various image sizes!
Stands for any venue

Add a gobo service to enhance your event today!

Enhanced up-lighting also available: simple to "no holds barred" services for any event.

Monogram Projection Service: