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Laurier Graduation @ Hellenic Center
"Starry Night in Paris" Theme
Shaking it (left!) with DJ Jesse James (right)

Ross Secondary School, London
USPP & LSLS Packages,
With Bass Bins positioned for 2nd Level Dancing !
DJ Riot in da house ! (inset)

Clarke Road Secondary School, London
Front View: SSPP & LSLS Packages
More 2nd Level Dancing !

"Gamma's in Pyjama's" Party
@ The Delt's new Digs
(DJ Riot & soundproofing! / Gamma's!)

John Paul II Halloween, London

Above: The Rig (USPP& SLS) & DJ Jesse James,
Below: Three-Level Dancing !

Saunders Secondary School, London
SSPP & LSLS Packages (with truss upgrade),
Dance platform in center! * and

Pi Lambda Phi Halloween - 2001
(Party blows up! / DJ Riot and lite show)
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