Ernie Maiorana / Best of the Bands   

Ernie Maiorana is a timeless classic entertainer, a DJ, a music lover and a gentleman. As an affiliate performer for EBD, we handle the technical nuts and bolts while Ernie concentrates on what he loves - the music. And - bringing back your favourite memories with his music.

Swing and sway the big band way with the Best of the Bands from the 1920's to the 1950's. You read those dates correctly, Ernie is our Big Band Era specialist.

His collection of almost 6,000 songs from this era are sure to keep Big Band lover's hopping (even if you haven't hopped anywhere in years!) Ernie begins where other DJ performers leave off...

As well as your well-known favourites from Glen Miller, Harry James and Benny Goodman - Best of the Bands features an unparalleled variety of artists such as Ray Coniff, Charlie Barnett, Freddie Martin, Sammy Kaye, Les Brown, Tex Beneke, Wayne King and more. Whether it be Top Ten, Jukebox Hits, WW2 Era music or Singalong tunes - Ernie has got it all.

Ernie himself came from a Big Band family and is and was aquainted with Big Band orchestra leaders from this region, around Canada and many parts of the USA.

As a contributor to local AM-Radio or a music therapist at London residents or an entertainer at community events across the city, Ernie is a genuine crowd-pleaser for the Golden Era.

Best of the Bands: Authentic Hits of Yesteryear and nothing else.
Music from the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's - Guaranteed.