Cliff Rourke   

Cliff Rourke is our latest addition to our roster of talented DJ's. Cliff comes to us as a fully-formed performer with 10 years experience. He is equally at home with events ranging from traditional celebrations with family and children to community gatherings in London's surrounding rural areas to big city downtown urban crowds.

Anything you want is Cliff's specialty for music because he appreciates all types: classic rock, retro, hip-hop, jazz, club hits and more. Mr. Rourke likes to get them dancing and whatever song it takes, he'll play it. He loves requests.

Since Cliff has joined the Entertainment By Design team, feedback from clients has included compliments like "Thanks.. we had a good time" and "Cliff was great!" Thank you notes have used words like "happy" and "pleased".

Cliff's very first booking with us for a Stag and Doe described him as being "involved however he could be" in fundraising and took care of the client expertly by doing "everything we asked of him". This all adds up to Cliff being a performer you "will definitely recommend to others".

Whether you are having a giant graduation party or a close family event with friends...
Whether your guests sway in their seats, toe-tapping or they are still dancing up a storm at last call... you will be very pleased with the flair and courtesy Cliff adds to our services.

Cliff is an associate DJ for Entertainment By Design. EBD and Cliff's DJ business contract talent and equipment back and forth to each other's mutual benefit. Our associates enjoy the partnership of like-minded DJ's who work together to support each other in fufilling their goals:
to provide great parties for the people of London.

Cliff Rourke: Service Service Service.
Since 1995, delivering good times and full dance floors.