Caleb Maudsley   

Cale Maudsley is originally a client of our Equipment Rentals Division from back in 1994. Cale has played many events in the region since the early 1990's and was famous to our rental division for a giant annual baseball dance rental. He liked us so much he joined the company.

Cale has over 15 years experience playing music for Sports Events, Stag and Doe's, Weddings, Night Clubs and more. His friendly customer-service oriented attitude makes him very approachable at the DJ Booth and his dedication to make clients happy is second to none in our lineup. One recent client even described Caleb's phone demeanor as "lovely"... !

Cale stays active at home with his fiance and his obedient and well-trained "puppy" - Thor. His handiness with wood projects keeps him on the go and recently, Cale contributed time and talent to a float for the London Santa Clause parade. No strangers to music in the Maudsley Clan either, with both of his brothers being in a local indie band on the verge of releasing their own CD.

Family get togethers, Corporate Xmas parties, Student events and just about anything is his specialty. Getting people motivated and on the dance floor sweating is something that comes easily to Mr.Maudsley - for crowds of one hundred to six hundred.

Cale has seen the charts flow from when there was just either Rock or Pop all the way through to House and Hip-Hop and back again. His music vocabulary is wide and deep just like the sweet MC Voice that made him an in demand Club DJ from the 90's to the turn of the Century.

Cale is a dedicated crowd-pleaser for just about any type of event. Entertainment By Design is proud to have Caleb on the team.

Caleb Maudsley: Delivering Good Times
all over SW-Ontario
since 1990.